Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanksgiving part II :: dads house

On Thursday afternoon me and Pat headed up to my dads house for Thanksgiving. It was a horribly rainy and windy day and not a very fun drive at all, so by the time we finally got there I was extremely thankful just to have made it. I again was too excited to eat to take any pictures of the food, but it was delicious and I ate way too much. Me and my little sisters had fun playing with baby Landon and trying to capture his silly faces on camera while the boys watched football and Patty and her sisters talked in the kitchen. Pretty standard. Given the choice, I tend to stick with the boys.

After everyone left Pat decide to drive home since he had to work the next day, so I said goodbye and he braved the Black Friday traffic. Those people who go to the Woodburn Outlets are completely insane! I just cannot imagine leaving your dinner to stand outside in the cold for hours just for a few cheaper items. I prefer to do my "Black Friday" shopping online. Thank you Modcloth, I am still waiting for my prizes (and gifts for a few friends).

I suppose I can't talk too much though because Meagan and Jenna talked me in to taking them to Victorias Secret at midnight for their sales. Although it turned out that they were not opening until 6 in the morning, we still had fun going in a few shops, got some cheap jeans from PacSun (buy one get one free, why not), and admired the insanity of the long lines in front of Target and Best Buy from a far.

Sorry, no great pictures again, just us playing with the baby and a few random things. I was not really in the mood for heavy documentation given the issues with my computer as of late.

This year, as always I am thankful for my man, my friends, and mi famila. 

[[ landon making awesone faces and not once crying all day long. turkey things jadyn and dest made for some reason. yoda shoes. ]]

I will save the rest of my long weekend for tomorrows post.