Thursday, December 8, 2011

black friday

Like I have mentioned before, I just do not understand the necessity to stand outside in lines all night long for a few sales, I think I would rather spend a bit more and save myself the trouble. That being said, I do love a good sale... So while everyone was watching football after Thanksgiving dinner, I was doing some online shopping to see if there was anything good going on. Modcloth succeeded in sucking me in and I did order a few more goodies for myself, as well as some presents for my bestest friends. I just couldn't help it with such good prices. Of course, the images below are not of the gifts, those I will keep a secret for now.

[[ modcloth black friday purchases. top 4 mine, bottom 4 from mc website. ]]

Another "Black Friday" sale I took advantage of was over at Adobe. I was able to order the new CS5.5 upgrades for my new, though not yet purchased, computer, for $200 off the original list price. $499 instead of $699? Please and thank you.