Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend adventures 44

This weekend me and my family celebrated my step mom's 50th birthday party. Leah even flew in for the weekend from NYC to surprise her!

I was really excited about the prospect of sleeping in for once, but my plans were quickly stomped on when I realized that I needed to be ready to go at 9:30 for Meagan's cheer leading competition in Eugene. Poor Pat even had to get up early to take me to the freeway where I was meeting my parents. I was super excited to see Leah though since I had not since the beginning of July, so all was well. We got to Eugene pretty quickly, picked up my little step sister Jenna, headed to Springfield for the comp, found seats, and the madness ensued.

[[ wandering around u of o campus. architecture building. lunch. comp. ]]

I always like to see my little doing what she does, and doing it well I might add since her stunt team took second place in the finals! However, after a few consecutive hours of the same routine over and over again, madly cheering parents behind me, and a complete overload of peppiness, me, Leah, and Jenna had to take a break from it all. We decided to drive back in to Eugene to walk around campus a bit. I was surprised how similar the campus is to OSU (where I went to school). I think the experience was really surreal for Leah who graduated from UofO something like five or six years ago. We even walked through the architecture building where she spent all of her time and snapped a few pictures. Next we went for some lunch at a little gyro place (yum!), and then stopped by the bookstore so that she could pick something up for her boyfriend Adil. 

[[ meagan performing. me and leah entertaining ourselves while waiting. 2nd place! ]]

After enough of a break, we returned to the competition just before the final rounds got started. By the time awards and everything were over it was 9:30 and we were all super hungry, so we headed to a near by P. F. Chang's before the long drive back to Portland. When we finally got to my Dad's place everyone was super tired and passed out.

We were having a brunch for Patty with all of her (crazy) family, so by the time I got out of the shower there were already a million kids running around and screaming. Deep breath, bagels, socializing, football, playing with baby Landon, meeting little step-brother's girlfriend, looking through old pictures, everyone leaves, ah, normality. It is really exhausting having everyone around at once. By this time it was getting later, so everyone regrouped and we went over to the east side for a birthday dinner at Laurelhurst Market. It was delicious, though very expensive. I got the chicken and was definitely impressed. Along with most people Pat had a steak. For desert we had an apple tart, pumpkin bread pudding, and some sort of cheesecake (which I hate, but everything else was amazing). We also tried numerous appetizers most of which I cannot remember to name. One of note was bone marrow... yes, you read that right. The look and texture was not much for the senses, but I will try everything once, and I have to say... on bread, it was surprisingly good (though gelatinous).

[[ brunch: tabbi/jayden. baby landon. leah/landon. johnny's old poster. he makes the best faces. ]] 

[[ dinner: patty/dest. leah/me. nick/johnny. jenna/leah. meagan/jenna. ]]

After dinner we all said goodbye and went our sepperate ways, Leah and Nick to the airport, me Pat and Jenna heading south, and everyone else back to my Dad's. After dropping Jenna off back in Eugene and backtracking we were home and sleepy, thus bringing our weekend to an end.