Wednesday, November 2, 2011

weekend adventures 43 :: halloween

Technically there is a missing weekend adventures post that was supposed to go before this one, but I will just treat it as its own adventure and save it for next week when my Halloween posts are finished.

((( this is just my standard weekend adventures post, i will have a post for friday night tomorrow and one for saturday the next day with lots of pictures )))

Right after work I was on the road to Portland to start getting ready for 80s night, Halloween style, at the Crystal Ballroom. I got stuck in bad traffic for a while though, so by the time I got to Tiff's place I was over driving, hungry, tired, and had a huge headache. Some pizza and a drink fixed me up pretty quickly though, and I started to get ready for the night with Megan.

Admittedly it took me a while to figure out how in the world I was going to assemble my nerdiest of outfits. I am really happy that I went back home to grab a few button ups, because that is definitely what we each ended up going with. Word to the wise, suspenders are kind of a pain in the... well... ass. They kept hiking up my shorts the whole night! I had no choice but to go with it after a while. (Another fyi for you... If you dress up like a nerd, you will get hit on... a lot... I don't get it).

We had to stand outside and wait for the Max for like 45 minutes though, that kind of put a damper on things, and by the time we got on some people were especially ready to go. Jason and his brother's "Dumb and Dumber" costumes were a huge success, and pretty relevant as well. There was even a crazy guy with pink hair and his own boom box dancing around for us. Awesome.

Once we got downtown we dipped in to Scooters for a drink before heading into the Ballroom where we quickly found everyone else already dancing. A mild amount of drama ensued at this point, but we had a lot of fun regardless. I can only handle 80s night maybe twice a year because they never switch up the music, and they play songs from both the 70s and 90s as well. However, I always have fun doing an interpretive dance to Madonnas "Like A Prayer". It is pretty much tradition now.

After we shut down the Crystal and Colleen stole some spiders, me and Megan went with Ricky, Colleen, and Sam to grab some food... which also turned out to be an interesting adventure of its own. Important things to note here are Colleen's amazing quotes including but not limited to: "Hey guys, lets go party, I have spiders."

[[ nerdiest of nerds. group shot. it is sad these people exist, let alone have their own show and costumes? ride on the max. party party. rainbow suspenders. ]]

After staying up until 4 something on Friday I was not super stoked to wake up at 8:45 for no good reason. Me and Megan were extra slow all morning, and did not actually get out until 1:30 or so. When I got over to Brad and Alia's place to help them set up for the Halloween party spiderwebs were pretty much done, score! The rest of the evening went as follows: setting up, setting up, setting up, sneak away dinner with Pat and Tony, nap time/football, too many girls in one room putting on makeup, Megan curling my hair, me doing her eye makeup, costumes, drinks, pose for pictures, drinks, darts, posing for pictures, drinks, "Shaun of the Dead", sleep.

[[ decorations in progress. short curled hair. costume preview. gold boots. ]]

After some breakfast, washing a ton of hairspray out of my hair, and cleaning up we all parted ways and me and Megan went to the mall to return a few unused costume items. We ran in to someone I had not seen for well over a year while we were there which was interesting... and I accidentally bought an awesome new coat just in time for the cold. After that it was home to relax with some Harry Potter and leftover chinese food with Pat and Hayden. (Not very Halloween inspired, but oh well).

[[ plain iced coffee, my favorite. extra points for spelling my name right. win! ]]

the end.