Tuesday, October 4, 2011

weekend adventures 42

((( Sorry for no post yesterday, I was taking it easy with my man. I will finish up my house tour post before the end of this week. )))

All last week Pat was in Canada for work, so I was super lonely for one. Second, work was super stressful the entire week as well, bad timing. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to head up to Portland Friday to visit with some friends and pick up the boy at the airport! It was a good weekend. I am super happy he is home.

friday night
I drove up to Portland (almost) right after work to meet up with Tiffany and Megan at East Burn while I waited for Pat's plane to land around 9:30. Unfortunately with traffic and everything by the time we actually met up, I only had a little over an hour to hang out, which was not long enough at all. I ordered some elk mini burgers and a drink (I forget what it was... something fancy, and strong). The place itself was pretty sweet, and I really want to go back to sit in the basket chairs upstairs. We were down in the basement where there were lots of games like Big Buck Hunter, Skeeball, and a four person PacMan. I really wanted to play Skeeball, but alas, no time. I am sure I can get these girls to meet me there sometime for lunch in the near future.

[[ east burn. fuzzy interior. tiffs awesome bracelets, she made the one on the left. ]]

When I left for the airport I got helplessly lost and super frustrated right off the bat. Sometimes the GPS program on my iphone really sucks! It had me drive into a deadend neighborhood thinking I could get through to I-84. Not so much. I called Megan in frustration, but eventually figured it out about the time Pat's plane was landing. I felt so bad that he had to wait for me to get to him. :( Not for too long though, which is good. He claims he only waited for about five minutes, I think he is saying that to be nice.

Once Pat was in the car we headed over to our friend Brad's place in Beaverton, had a drink, and then headed downtown to North 45 for a night cap and some mussels. It is a super cozy, (though crowded), little bar with lots of beer/scotch, plus delicious (and a bit more refined) pub food, like mussels. Obviously Pat loves it there. The first time I went was with my sister last December, she always knows the best places in Portland even though she lives in NYC. Once we got back to Brads place I was wide awake, but cold, and the second I put a blanket over myself it was game over. I guess the boys stayed up until around 4:30.
[[ me/pat @n45. me/alia. ]]

We did not get up until after noon (which was awesome), and Brad made a delicious breakfast for everyone. Around three we finally headed for home and then decided to put sweats back on, grab some sweets, and watch movies for the rest of the night. Pretty sweet Saturday if you ask me. I did not care what we did, I was just happy to have Pat back in town.

[[ entertaining myself at brads with some gq and waldo. sexy car on the drive home. blustery saturday. hot chocolate. ]]

We spent Sunday in Albany over at Nate and Alicia's place with Brad, Alia, and some other people "watching" football, and eating some home grown grub. Alicia has an awesome garden and made some really really good mango salsa. At one point us girls got bored and decided to play some Mario Kart instead. That was pretty much Sunday. After some pizza we headed home and chilled with some hookah.

[[ brad/pat super serious. toby/dinah. me. pats new friend. new castle. toby in his jersey. ringsss. ]]