Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend adventures 37

Alright, more recapping this week of the events going on in real time while I was posting about NYC. This weekend consisted of a trip to Portland, a trip to the Beach, breakfast in Albany, and a mini visit from Brad. A lot of running around if you ask me.

7/25 - 7/31

thursday night
Pat had to go to the airport to pick up a coworker from his late night flight home, so we decided we might as well go up early and make a night of it. I have been trying to get Pat to a restaurant in the Pearl area called Irving Street kitchen since last Christmas, so we finally decided to go... unfortunately they were closed for a private event. Instead we found ourselves at Portland's Rogue location near by. We had a few beers, some dinner, and I tried their new gin, which was delicious! After a while our friend Brad stopped by for a visit. He had not seen us since we got engaged and was obviously very excited about it because to my surprise (and somewhat horror), after picking me up and giving me and biggest hug ever, he announced to the entire restaurant that we just got engaged. Clapping happened. It was awkward!!!!! SO awkward!!!!! Even more awkward was the fact that people kept coming up to us to say congratulations. Oh, geez. I was hoping they did not think that we just got engaged at the pub ha ha. After all of this madness we briefly retired to Brads place before grabbing James from PDX and heading home.

[[ dead guy glass. flags. decisions decisions. morimoto glass. ]]

friday night/saturday
We kept it simple and stayed in since we had early plans in the morning for an anniversary adventure in Newport. ...but more about that later, it deserves its own post.

[[ preview of the beach. alien lens. ]]

saturday night
After our beach adventures we came home to find Brad, Nate, and Alicia posted up at our place, so we had some snacks, drank some drinks, and eventually ended up next door at Murphey's for some pool. When we got back to the house I attempted to put on a movie, but everyone passed out, so we called it a night. I would have sort of preferred a quiet night in with just Pat anyway.

In the morning we met up in Albany with everyone at Original Breakfast, which is a really yummy breakfast place right off of the freeway. It is painted yellow and purple, sort of hard to miss. It took me, Pat, and Brad a while to get there and meet Nate and Alicia who are very obviously morning people. Me, not so much. In fact, I was a little grumpy until my coffee kicked in. It takes a lot more than breakfast to get me out of bed early on a Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside though, so after eating me and Pat headed back home to relax. The backyard, some music, and bloody marys is how we spent the remainder of the afternoon. For dinner we decided to attempt a recreation of the delicious corn from Havana (a restaurant we ate at in NYC). It was close, but no cigar. We were missing sour cream, so I plan to try again sometime very soon. We made some yellow rice and black beans to go along with it.We also had some tomato, moz. and fresh basil from our mini herb garden for an appetizer. Not too shabby a weekend.

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