Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new york new york :: part 10
american museum of natural history

The rest of our final day will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to start with our short trip to the American Museum of Natural History.

In the morning me and Pat grabbed breakfast and then decided to kill some time by visiting the museum until we met up with Leah for lunch. It was packed inside with families waiting in line, but we found an automated ticket printer and got inside quickly. I guess you have to be more intuitive to gain fast access? I have to say, I was not very impressed... First, the building was under construction, so the architecture was not exposed at all taking away from the potential grandgure of the place. Second, it was crowded and extremely difficult to navigate (we got lost and found it impossible to find a bathroom, which were by the way the most disgusting i have possibly ever used aside from campgrounds and some rest stops). Third, for the same price as The Met, it seems like a bit of a rip off, though I suppose if you have little kids it would be a better alternative, as the exhibits are more artificial, and in some cases interactive. We decided to focus on the dinosaur bones since that is not something either of us have ever experienced before and had an interest in, so we made our way to said exhibit. (Oh, there were also special exhibits that you needed to pay more to see, so our viewing options were very limited).

Seeing a T-rex skeleton up close and personal was pretty amazing though, so I could not complain too much. The variety of species was pretty extensive, so we snapped some pictures for about an hour and a half while making our way through dino history. We wandered around in a few more sections, mostly because we got lost on our way out... but decided that we had seen all we came to, and went on our merry way.

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at the american museum of natural history, nyc. ]]