Friday, March 20, 2015

my week in pictures 89

monday 3/2 - sunday 3/15

I'm still trying to catch up a bit, so I'm going to be doubling up a few weeks until everything is back to normal. I apologize for the lack of attention to the blog lately, but I have discovered that planning a wedding is a pretty time consuming process!

On 3/6 we headed to Portland for the weekend so that I could do a little bridesmaid dress shopping with my little sisters. Shopping was unsuccessful, but it was an absolutely beautiful weekend, and we got to spend plenty of time outside in the sunshine with friends and family.

The following weekend we stuck around town and did some hiking and tasting... pretty standard.

[[ week 1: checking out the district in portland. exploring mc. menamins with the fam. me and dest (not sure why this picture looks airbrushed/i look tan). beautiful cherry blossoms! week 2: sampling some new silver moon brews. carpaccio and drinks for happy hour. up the butte! i never get tired of the views here. reward lunch at jackson's. ]]