Tuesday, January 20, 2015

my week in pictures 84

monday 12/29 - sunday 1/4

The week of New Year's was cold and snowy, just how we wanted it! I don't see myself getting tired of scenes like the ones below out my window anytime soon. Instead of making crazy plans to go out or host a party we decided to just stay and ring in the new year together. It was pretty perfect. We grabbed some delicious king crab to make for dinner, drank some really good wine, and donned fancy hats and "bowties". On New Year's Day we woke up (without hangovers) and headed to our friends place to watch the Rose Bowl. Friday we both worked, and then we spent the weekend wandering around town and enjoying the weather.

[[ beautiful snowy scenes out my window. a very cold dinner at worthy. coconut clam chowder soup, my fave! last minute puppy sitting adventures around our neighborhood. nye antics. our fancy pants dinner. playing dressup. wolly willy art. pat playing with payton/donatello. pat/sarah/ridiculous faces. pretty sunset at crux. drinks and dinner. the epic project board. ]]