Friday, June 20, 2014

our yearly day trip to newport

friday, june 13th

Me and Pat have been taking at least a day trip to Newport for several years now, and even though we are a lot further away from the beach now, it is hard to break the habit.

Since we had to head to Corvallis for Hayden's graduation we decided to take an extra day off work and take our trip a little early this year. The weather was crap, but we didn't care, and actually despite it raining all day it never happened while we were outside. Lucky us. Of course no trip to Newport is complete without visiting both Rogue locations (three if you count the distillery) and our friend Wally the Walrus for our annual pic. Here are a few pictures I snapped on my phone.

[[ bridge. rogue. pat's happy place. steamer clams and dill halibut fish & chips. rainy day. the marina. antique shopping. WALLY! crab attach on the pier. ]]