Thursday, June 12, 2014

my week in pictures 56

monday 6/2 - sunday 6/8

Last week's highlights include tons of yummy food, a backyard work sesh, beautiful sunsets, a little lounging by the pool, and Bend catching on fire... Yea, about that last part, a full post with details and lots of pictures to follow tomorrow. I had never quite seen anything like it so I took a bunch.

[[ pat's delicious bbq. blueberries for days. happy hour dinner at noi. feast from the fire at brasada. the sunset situation. my office for a day. watching the two bulls fire explode over bend from brasada. the fire at night. good morning, where are the mountains? exploring construction sites. a little pool time action, minus the usually gorgeous mountain views. red sky driving home sunday night. the fire from pilot butte right by our house. ]]