Thursday, June 5, 2014

memorial day weekend staycation part II
obsidian flow

As if our legs didn't get enough torture the day before, we decided to go to the Big Obsidian Flow near Paulina Lake on Sunday. Everyone but Nick had been here before, but once we arrived we were all surprised by a ton of snow still on the ground. Since it was a sunny and warm day down below we were all wearing shorts and tank tops naturally, so the climate change was pretty entertaining. Why not have a snow ball fight in shorts? Of course a little snow wasn't going to stop us from getting to the top (regardless of the fact that we couldn't find the actual trail), so we made our way forward and eventually made it. As usual, about an hours worth of picture taking ensued before we made our way back down.

Here are the pics from my phone (no big camera yet again).

[[ in the woods. the first viewpoint. unexpected snow. shorts, tanks, and snowball fights. rocks for days. poses on the rocks. the beautiful view from the top. my babe. siiistor. pops. little climbers. exploring. building rock statues. natural textures. on the way down. blending in. sunbeam. ]]