Monday, April 7, 2014

my week in pictures 47

monday 3/31 - sunday 4/6

Last week wasn't super eventful with Pat being back in New Orleans for work, but I still managed to snap a few pictures. First of all, the whole "April Showers" thing seemed to be a little lost on Bend, since I woke up on April 1st to a street full of snow... Then by the end of the week the ice cream man was in my cul-de-sac... a little premature I think, since it was overcast and in the 50's, but whatever. I also made it out to First Friday, worked on the house, and read... a lot... Pat really needs to stop going on trips!

[[ crazy hail storm. my pretty car! april fools snow. some of my weekly meals. paintings and signs at first friday. bathroom words. working on the house. sunny sunday. read read read. ]]