Monday, March 31, 2014

my week in pictures 46

monday 3/24 - sunday 3/30

Last week ended up being a pretty eventful one involving most notably decorating my boss's office in honor of his first little one, and a very last minute trip to the valley which may have resulted in a new car...

[[ the gym at brasada does not have too shabby of a view. soaking up trace amounts of sunshine in our backyard. decorating the boss man's office. ]]

We headed to rainy Salem Thursday night around 8 (it was kind of a last minute decision). We met Tony at F-Stop and then spent the night at his place. In the morning we both did a little work before driving an hour south to Eugene in the hopes that we would be leaving with a new ride. Mission accomplished, 6 hours and a test drive later. While we were there Pat told me I had to act like I wasn't that excited, so I doodled while he negotiated. Man I hate car shopping! (I will do a more detailed post about the car and all tomorrow).

[[ rainy drive to eugene. the two cars in the running. my doodles. ]]

Once we were off the lot we drove to Corvallis to meet up with some friends for dinner and then sleep over at Nate and Alicia's place. Saturday morning we played with their little baby girl Abby for a little while before grabbing a delicious breakfast in Albany. Shortly after we said goodbye and took our car over the pass for the first time to enjoy the little bit we had left of our weekend.

[[ block 15 for dinner. delicious breakfast. taking our new car over the pass for the first time. ]]