Tuesday, December 3, 2013

san jose :: part 2 :: the wedding

saturday (9/14) :: day 3 :: the wedding
The ceremony was not until 4pm so we had quite a bit of time to kill during the day. My parents were heading over to my uncle's house so that they could swim for a bit and me and Pat decided that we would meet them after grabbing some breakfast. We quickly got ready and then started hunting around for a place to eat along the way. Pat read good reviews for a place called Scramblz, so we decided to take our chances. From the outside it looked a bit like an iHop, and I was not impressed. Inside, I don't even really know how to describe the inside, sensory overload! It was like Red Robin, Chuck-E-Cheese, and Elmer's mixed together, but it smelled delicious, and their portions looked huge, so we decided to stick around. Among other things, we ordered the 49ers French Toast (when in the Bay Area, right?) and everything was delicious, extremely inexpensive, and very sharable. After breakfast we headed to my uncle's place briefly and soaked up some sun before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

[[ breakfast of champions. lounging in my uncle's backyard. ]]

I was totally convinced that I was going to wear a different dress, but for once I listened to Pat and went with the blue one. He of course looked very dapper in his get up as well.

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy. Me and Pat headed over to my grandparent's home to grab my little sisters and meet up with everyone before making our way to the venue. Once we arrived we caught a sneak peak of the bride a groom finishing up their pictures and grabbed some hugs before wandering around for a bit, and then eventually making our way to our seats. It was such a gorgeous day and a beautiful venue with rolling hills in the background.

Ashley looked extremely beautiful and during the ceremony I couldn't even look at my cousin Nicole (Ashley, the bride's older sister) because she was tearing up and I seem to always cry at weddings now. After the photographers took a group photo of everyone from up above, and then we all made our way in to the club house to grab a cocktail and find our seats. There was also a photobooth set up that my entire family made several visits too. I wish I got to keep all of our silly snapshots, but they were used in place of a guest book, which I thought was a really cute idea. Of course me and Pat took some extremely cheesy pictures to contribute.

Dinner was great, the speeches were full of emotion, the dance floor was full, you know, the usual. I even convinced my dads cousin Noah to come dance with me, haha. One funny thing about the wedding is that my little sisters (who are 19 and 20) were seated at the children's table. Poor Meagan and Jenna, we were all extremely entertained by this at their expense.

After everything was wrapped up, the wedding party and close friends headed to a hotel near by to continue the festivities. Me and Pat went along to spend a little more time with my cousins and Jake, which was nice. They totally took over the hotel lobby and threw a dance party, it was pretty awesome. I wish that we could have stayed later, but we had a long drive back to our place, so we eventually took off, although I don't think we actually got to bed until around 3:30. It was definitely a really fun wedding.

[[ me and my handsome wedding date. silly sisters. adorable flower girls. mother walking daughter down the isle.  the ceremony. husband and wife. some of the reception tables: dad/patty, aunts & uncles, great aunts & uncles, cousins. part of the kid's table with meagan and jenna. part of our table. me and the bride. sunsetting over the hills. dance dance. just a couple of our silly photobooth pics. ]]