Thursday, October 10, 2013

my week in pictures 25

monday 9/30 - sunday 10/6

Last week we definitely spent the majority of our time working on the house. I think this will be the general theme for a while. On Friday night me and Pat went to see Steve Martin play his banjo at the amphitheater, but more on that later. My mom and step dad had also agreed to come in to town to help us with some of the bigger projects around the house (like repairing/replacing some of the carpet), so we met them for dinner after the concert, and proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend working around the house.

My mom also brought me all of these bins that had been sitting up in her attic since I went away to high school, which were highly ridiculous and entertaining to go through. Not only did I find notes passed back in fourth about boys, old "comic strips" and "magazines" that me and my friends used to make in middle school, hilarious birthday cards/raps from my friends in high school, and a ton of old art projects, but I also found part of a Malibu Rum bottle... which I would have thought I would want to have in college, but I guess I placed it in one of the bins instead for safe keeping. I am going to need to post some of these glorious items in the near future...

Anyway, here are some pics.

[[ the pretty mountain view on my drive to work. the house coming together. froggy friend hanging out in the garage. sketches and ideas. steve martin concert. projects in progress. some of the treasures i found in my high school bins: hot dog straw, ice cream poem, school dance pic, sad note from little sister. a beautiful sunny sunday fall afternoon. ]]