Thursday, September 26, 2013

my week in pictures 23

tuesday 9/17 - sunday 9/22
(We were still in California on Monday)

The past few weeks have looked a little like this: work, new house, clean, home, sleep, repeat. Over the past weekend we finally got a chance to stay over at the house (on our air mattress) with the goal of getting the bulk of painting and "remodeling" projects completed. With a little help from Pats dad and step mom, I would say that we were fairly successful. We cleaned, painted, removed screws and nails left behind, spackled, painted some more, and re-did two closets. Not too shabby, although we have quite a bit of work to go along the lines of finishing touches and new projects. Don't worry, I will post real Before & Afters later on.

[[ work award. pat ripping all of the awkward built-ins out of our closet. getting ready to paint away the ugly green. khaki found in the garage. my painting face. our ugly pastel yellow bedroom (before). relaxed khaki bedroom (after). redistributing the built-ins from our master closet to the guest room closet and painting everything a neutral color. tools. rickie wanted to help. dinner break saturday night. breakfast break sunday night. the most epic bloody mary of all time at the vic. an early dinner at 5 fusion. ]]