Wednesday, May 8, 2013

me week in pictures 4

monday 4/29 - sunday 5/5

I skipped a "My Week In Pictures" post for the two weeks me and Pat were traveling to Seattle and Vegas since those are going to have their own lengthy posts, but now that all of our traveling is over (for now) I am going to pick this new feature up again, starting with last week.

Last week we had another round of guests over for the weekend, Pat's friend Nate and his wife Alicia who just told us that they are having a baby girl in September! (We made sure to have a nice bouquet of flowers awaiting her arrival on Friday night). We also helped celebrate one of Pat's old friends 30th birthday in town and visited Tumalo Falls for the first time (which will receive its own post later).

[[ tumalo falls. lunch at 10 barrel. some of the ladies. alicia's flowers. speckled nails. homemade dinner. zydeko saturday night. the creepiest maniquin in town. sunday morning relaxing on the deck. lunch at crux. me and my babe. happy camper. ]]