Tuesday, April 9, 2013

this one time i went horseback riding...

I am afraid of horses. I will just start right there. 
They are big, solid muscle, have minds of their own, spook easily, can have poor temperaments  kick, and therefore I do not consider them to be an idea means of transportation. However, when I arrived to work on last Wednesday morning my coworkers, who seem to have other views entirely, suggested that we spend an hour in the afternoon on horseback exploring the property. I reluctantly said "...um...ooook." in a shaky voice, although not before explaining my hesitation.

Once the afternoon hit we were all on our way to the stables where I was promptly saddled on a horse named Blanca holding on for dear life and preparing for our trek. Needless to say this was my first time on a horse.

It was perhaps not as bad as I thought it would be, although I was pretty uneasy the entire time because after all, horses are tall and I could have fallen right off at any moment! (I don't exactly have the best track record for being, you know, not clumsy as hell). Eventually I did loosen up enough to grip the reins tightly in one hand, my phone in the other, and snap a few pictures.

The end of my story is, I survived, unscathed, Pat was proud of me for going through with it, and I would in fact get on a horse again if necessary, though not without some hesitation once again.

[[ me on horseback for the first time. ]]