Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend adventures 70

Over the weekend our friends Rory and Alena came to visit and we did a ton of running around, including another trip to Smith Rock for our second attempt at the Misery Ridge trail. It was really good to see our friends, but I did sort of feel like I needed a little weekend from my weekend afterwards. 

Since it was Spring Break the two of them got in to town early, so when I got home from work we headed straight to Worthy Brewing for some dinner and drinks. After dinner we came back home and stayed up way too late catching up.

We had originally made plans to get up and head to Smith Rock in the morning, something that I was definitely dreading when I woke up, but we decided to go for it despite being so tired. First we headed in to Redmond for breakfast at Black Bear Diner and then out to Terrebonne. By the way, Black Bear has some pretty amazing blueberry pancakes!

[[ breakfast at black bear diner. ]]

Once again I took a bunch of shots at Smith Rock that I will get around to posting later, but in the meantime I got some pretty entertaining ones from my phone. Let's just say Pat and Rory are pretty good at freeze frame jump shots. Once we finished up we stopped at The Depot, which is a little restaurant in an old train station close by. We grabbed some snacks, which were delicious, and then headed home to relax for a few hours before getting ready for dinner.

[[ posing for pictures at smith rock. our failed jump shots. rory & pats successful ones. the depot. ]]

We decided to take them out to Crux for dinner which at this point is probably our favorite brewery in town. Me and Alena also snuck in to Safeway to grab Rory some birthday paraphernalia since his was the next week. We ended up with cupcakes, balloons (one which read "it's a boy!") and a Justin Beiber card. You know, the usual.

[[ crux. early birthday presents for rory. ]]

In the morning we headed back in to Bend to try a new restaurant called Jackson's Corner that a coworker told me about. It was delicious. They had the best mimosa I have probably ever had with fresh squeezed orange juice. Since it was closer to lunch time me and Alena split a turkey sandwich and Pat got a tuna salad. Everything was really fresh and tasty, we will definitely be back.

[[ jacksons corner. ]]

After lunch we headed in to Old Mill and ended up stopping in to Level 2, a little martini bar above some of the shops. They have some really interesting libations and a really good happy hour appetizer menu. I want to come check this place out again some time for dinner. Once we shared a few drinks and some mussels, we drove back home, Rory and Alena headed back to the valley, and me and Pat enjoyed the rest of our Sunday.

[[ level 2. ]]