Wednesday, March 13, 2013

velvet, sushi, and ice cream

After work last Friday we decided to go out for some drinks and sushi. We got downtown a little earlier than we were ready to eat, so I took Pat to a little bar called Velvet that I have been to a few times now. I love the atmosphere there, its super cozy, trendy, has some really interesting cocktails, and always has a loop of snowboarding videos playing in the background. I got the Oregonic, and it was delicious.

Afterward we went to dinner at a place called Boken we had not checked out yet. We ordered a bunch of different sushi rolls to try: the Borracho y Loco (soft shell crab/salmon/unagi), the Geisha (spicy scallop/crab), and the Bangkok (spicy shrimp).

The combinations were all really unique, and everything was good, but we felt that the proportions were a little bit lacking so I don't think that this place would be my first choice for sushi at a higher price point. One thing they did have however, was homemade ice cream in some delicious and strange combinations. We ordered a raspberry sake, and a habanero blueberry (I believe) that were both amazing. If nothing else, I would definitely come back just for the desert. I also wish I would have taken some pictures.

I think in the future if I want to spend some money on sushi I wil go to 5 Fusion, but I would totally go back to Boken try some of their noodle dishes, and of course, more ice cream combos.

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