Monday, February 11, 2013

smith rock state park - part I
the way up

On Saturday February 2nd me, Pat, and our friends Megan and Tony drove out to Terrebonne Oregon to go hiking around Smith Rock, which is somewhere I had been really excited to check out. I took a ton of pictures, as usual, so I will be splitting this post up in to two. 

We definitely picked a beautiful clear day to do our exploring, and it was relatively warm and sunny when we started out. However, we got off to a bit of a late start so it started to get cold and dark while we were finishing up. I am really hoping we can get back over there within the next few months, hopefully a little earlier next time. 

Once we arrived, we made our way down in to the little valley and across the Crooked River that runs throughout the area to the start of the trail head. There are a ton of different trails meeting up at various points along the rock, but we decided to head straight up to the summit along the cut back trail aptly named Misery Ridge. (Here is a trail map for reference).

The walk up just about killed me, clearly I am in need of some more exercise and hiking practice, but since this was my first real hike ever, I suppose it was to be expected. I am not sure how long it took us to get up to the summit, but it was definitely worth it for the view. We stopped to rest for a while before making our way around to the backside of the peak to snap pictures of the gorgeous mountains. From the top we could see pretty much all of Central Oregon, and a ton of mountains, including Bachelor, The Three Sisters, and Hood. It was pretty incredible.

[[ smith rock from the ground. rock climber. posing before our trek. the crooked river. trail runers. posing along the edge. beautiful views of below. our victory dances. fellow hikers. everything below. more posing along the backside. mt hood. the three sisters. ]]

I will post the second half my pictures tomorrow.