Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend adventures 64
our first weekend in central oregon

Our first weekend in Central Oregon was amazing! We went on a little outdoor adventure, tried out a new local brewery, relaxed at home, had an amazing breakfast, did some shopping, and a little more unpacking. 

saturday (1/19)
Me and Pat decided that since we are over here we want to become a lot more active and do a lot more hiking and outdoorsy things, so Saturday morning we got up, ate some breakfast, packed up a day pack, and headed out into the woods to do some exploring.

We went to Tumalo State Park, which was really really beautiful. We "hiked" around along the river for a few miles, and then turned back because it was getting really icy, but we took a ton of pictures, which I will post on their own. We even passed some kayakers who were very friendly.

[[ tumalo state park. ]]
Once we got back to the main park we sat for a little while and enjoyed the sunshine before deciding to drive in to Bend to grab an early dinner and some beers. We went to a newer brewery called Crux Fermentation Project that my coworker told me about, and I feel in love with it! The food was good, the beer even better, and the atmosphere was amazing. I am really in to their version of a Flemish Red. After the sun went down and we shared a taster tray and ate some paninis we made our way home to relax for the rest of the night.

[[ crux fermentation project: menu. bar. taster treys. happy pat. happy me. flemish red. ]]

sunday (1/20)
In the morning we got up and headed back in to Bend to meet Pat's dad and step mom at The Victorian Cafe for breakfast. We had eaten there once before years ago, and I remembered it being delicious, but I had no idea it was that good! They literally have about twelve different varieties of eggs benedict to choose from, and amazing bloody mary's. Afterwards we hoped over to REI so that Pat could finally pick up a Camelback, and then headed out to his dads place for dinner, before heading home to have a lazy rest of our day.

[[ bloody mary. fire pit. eggs benedict. old mill. ]]

It was a great weekend. One of the best I have had in a long time.