Thursday, September 6, 2012

brasada ranch :: part VIII

(7/6 - 7/8)

Back in July (on the weekend of 7/8), me and Pat decided to take advantage of his parents vacant house at Brasada Ranch. This is nothing new, as we tend to get over there as often as we can. This time we brought our friends Alex and Drea with us.

The weekends activities were nothing out of the ordinary... firepit and drinks at night, delicious dinners, relaxing and having coffee on the patio, me sneaking in some work in the morning, and a dip or two in the pool. One thing that was kind of awesome was a thunder and lightning storm that happened (along with a torrential downpour) while we were sitting outside of The Range getting a drink. I could not snap a picture, so I decided to take some video, and after many many attempts at capturing a screen shot at the right moment, I managed to capture some lightning... and the gorgeous sunset. Enjoy.

[[ sunset. mountains. furry friend. scales. bumbles. hummingbird. purple. beetle. painted sky. poolside. double rainbow. storm. ]]