Thursday, August 2, 2012

california adventure 2 :: part 1.2
san diego (continued)

sunday (7/7) :: day 2
My little sister Meagan came in on a morning flight and was picked up from the airport before breakfast. (My whole family came and went in shifts). We spent almost the entire day Sunday poolside, or playing in the bay, which was right on the resort my parents were staying at. The entire family met up for breakfast before playing at the pool. I have a ton of pictures of our adventures, but again, I am going to save these for their own post later on. We even rented paddle boats, which is something I have always wanted to do! ...For some reason. It is kind of a workout!

[[ bloody marys poolside. playing in the pool. ]]

After a full day of swimming we had dinner reservations at a place called The Fish Market. Jenna and Tabi left before dinner as well as some of the other family members, so our group was a little smaller. Unfortunately me and my cousins did not have enough time to shower or anything, so we had to run to the hotel, freshen up, change, and then meet up for dinner. It was delicious. I insisted on making our waiter provide us all with bibs to eat with, and he was thankfully very cooperative. Me and Meagan had a lot of fun playing with our food as well. After dinner and saying goodbye to everyone the cousins and I were dropped off and decided to enjoy our hotels fire pit and a glass of wine before bed. The sun definitely wore us out, so we were sleepy and in bed pretty quick. 

[[ crazy trees outside the restaurant. dinner. me and little sister playing with our food. ]]

[[ our hotel. wine and fire pit. weird statue. posing with weird statue. ]]

monday (7/8) :: day 3
My parents decided to take the little ones to Sea World with some other family members, which did not sound all that appealing to us, so me, Ashley, Nicole, and Meagan headed for Coronado Beach instead. It took us quite a while to get there but it was a really nice area, so we played down in the sand for a while, tested out the water (which was far too cold for swimming), and took some pictures before heading up to the shops for some lunch. We found a little place called Leroy's with a lot of beers on tap and split some small plates to share. Then we explored the boutiques a little bit for some souvenirs and of course got some ice cream before heading back to the hotels. I am grouping the majority of these photos in with the pool day but here are a couple to start off with. 

[[ relaxing on the beach. lunch time. clayton's coffee and ice cream stand. ]]

My cousins were leaving on an 8pm flight, and I was supposed to as well but my connecting flight in San Francisco got cancelled, so after dropping them off at the airport, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with customer service and FINALLY ended up having them book me a direct (and more expensive) flight with another airline for the morning, free of charge. What a nightmare. The upside was that me and Meagan got on the same flight, and of course, it was direct. The downside was that I had to miss another half day of work and do a lot of early morning traveling. 

Once we finished dealing with all of this business it was starting to get darker out, so we walked along the bay by my parents hotel, where we were both staying for the last night, and watched the sun set. We met up to eat some dinner and then went to bed fairly early because of our morning flight. Luckily we got one of the beds this time.

tuesday (7/9) :: day 4
4:45am, alarm. Snooze button. More alarm. Up. Shower. Comfy clothes. Gather belongings. Head to the airport. Issues with tickets. Finally resolved. Run to security. Beg to be let through quickly because our flight is boarding and Meagan is a minor. No dice. Lots of dirty looks. Finally let through. No issues. Literally running to terminal. Very last people to board. I move to Meagan's seat. Tomato juice. Delirium. Pictures. Magazine. Land. Bathroom. Bags. Coffee. Picked up (thank you Dean!!!). Dad's house. "Hi Landen". Get in my car. Drive straight home. Lunch. Work. Home. Sleep. Five or more hours of commute time. Yuck. 

[[ sunset on our last night. ]]
[[ boo morning flights. ]]

((( pictures from the reunion and the pool/beach days to follow. )))