Thursday, July 26, 2012

california adventure 1 :: part 6
the drive home

On Sunday (6/25) me and Pat got up early, said our goodbyes, grabbed some food and headed out on our long drive home from San Jose, CA to Corvallis, OR. 

Instead of going the way of San Francisco and catching a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge, our GPS had other plans and we were soon in the middle of nowhere approaching a toll booth with no cash on hand. We pulled off in a random town, who's name I cannot even begin to recall, and thankfully found an ATM outside of a bank I had never heard of. We were somewhere near a bay because there were sail boats down the street, but we were on a mission, so it was back on the road to pay, and across an unknown bridge to continue on the journey. Everything from here was pretty much just rolling hills, farm land, and watching the terrain gradually become more green and sprinkled with pines. Driving up through the Shasta area was gorgeous so I snapped several pictures. As we finally got close to the boarder I was expecting some sort of "Leaving California" sign and was disappointed to find none, but across the boarder we went and I at least got some shots of our very own "Oregon Welcomes You" one.

As I mentioned before we took a pit stop in Ashland, which was by far the highlight and most nostalgic part of my day, before heading out on the final stretch home. We pulled in to our driveway sometime around 8:30pm I believe which marked the official end of our Summer vacation together, and California Adventure part 1 (though at this exact time I did not know I woud be returning quite so soon).

[[ pictures from our drive back to oregon from san jose. ]]

Though this was the last event of this portion of the trip, this is not the end of my California Adventure posts... I will be posting more for at least another week.