Wednesday, May 30, 2012

weekend adventures 58

Last weekend I was very thankful for the extra weekend day so that we could get some relaxation in with our adventures.

Work Friday was torture for both me and Pat because we were so excited for our weekend adventures. After stopping for some delicious dinner in Sisters we finally made it to Brasada, grabbed some drinks, sat by the fire, and enjoyed the stars before bedtime.

[[ margaritas. dinner. fire. ]]

We grabbed some breakfast and then went for a little "hike" up Spirit Rock since it was fairly nice outside. It was suuper windy though, so we headed back after a little while to get ready for the concert (which I posted about yesterday). The rest of the night went as follows: Deschutes Brewery, dinner, venue, stand in line, grab a seat, people watching, beer, sunbathing, freezing, porta potty adventure, vodka lemonade, gloves, terrible opening band, people watching, waiting, waiting, waiting, the d, lots of singing along, picture taking, people watching, the end, scramble out of the venue, back to the house, stew, excedrine, sleepy time.

[[ spirit rock hike time. ]]

Pat's family is big on golf, so we decided to go out with them so that Pat could play as well. I also took a bunch of pictures from that and the hike which I will post tomorrow. This took the majority of the day, but, the weather was a LOT nicer than the day before so I had no complaints about being stuck outside. The rest of the day was spent in the resort hot tub, eating a delicious dinner Pats mom made (paiaya), the fire pit, Led Zeppelin, and a random kitchen dance party.

[[ golf course. ]]

[[ picture time. ]]

That was pretty much it, Monday was just relaxing, dinner, drive home, bed time.