Wednesday, May 9, 2012

midweek inspiration 44

This Friday me and some friends are going to McMenamins Kennedy School 80s Prom! It actually takes place in an old school gym and I am starting to get super excited about it. "Why do girls get so excited about 80's parties?!" Pat just asked me. I don't know Pat, but we really do... I blame Madonna.

Therefore, todays inspiration comes from the fashion of yesteryear that will ultimately help me put the finishing touches on my outfit.

1. Madonna
2. Cyndi Lauper
3. Screen shot from "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion"
4. Screen shot from "Desperately Seeking Susan"
5. 80's Prom Party costumes
6. Ashlee Simpson 80's Prom Party
7. Vintage 80's prom dress
8. Vintage 80's prom dress

((( all images via Pinterest )))