Friday, May 25, 2012

the d

In a few short hours me and Pat are heading to Bend for our glorious Memorial Day weekend! (I did not even realize it was Memorial Day and that I therefore get Monday off until two days ago, so I am extra excited for the happy surprise). Our friend Brad, and his soon to be wife Alia are meeting us there for some (hopefully sun-filled) festivities, and of course... a little Tenacious D.

Yes, thats right, Saturday we will be in downtown Bend listening to Jack Black (and KG) "shred some guitar" <--- says Pat. Lets just say he is more than a little excited. When I first got a notification about them performing in Bend I was super surprised because not only do they never tour, but they certainly never pick Oregon for a random show. So this is pretty much a once in a lifetime deal, and Pat is quite fond of Jack Black and all of his crazy antics (and made up words).

I hope the show is a little something like this...

((( The clip is from School of Rock )))
It is in German for some reason... and has stupid words in front of his face... but it is the only one I could find on YouTube and its the one I wanted to use, so, sprechen sie deutsch?