Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend adventures 54

We drove up to Portland for Tiff's birthday party first stopping at the mall and then grabbing some lunch, then heading to my parents house to get ready before heading out. It was a gorgeous day so we spent a little bit of time outside as well. Eventually Megan stopped by and picked us up and then we rode the Max downtown to Brix Tavern where "the living room" was rented out for Tiff's party. We stayed there for most of the night having some drinks and being silly, before making our way to a little dive to close out the night. We wandered to Fran's new studio to check it out before calling it a night and heading home.

I will post the rest of my pictures from the party Thursday.

[[ beautiful drive. barrel of jenns (inside joke). windows down. book store. little sister. back yard. ]]

[[ riding the max. tiffs 25. presents. snapshots preview. too much party for panda. ]]

I woke up before Pat so I headed downstairs and watched some old Laguna Beach episodes with my little sister, which was hilarious. Then we headed down to the waterfront where I had an appointment before meeting my parents in Vancouver for some lunch. The sun was out again and it actually got fairly warm for a little while so we ended up going for a long walk together. Eventually we said goodbye and started making out way for home. Because it was so nice out still we decided to stop for some beers and dinner somewhere we could sit outside, Green Dragon, was the choice. Then it was home and sleep. Good weekend.

[[ on the portland waterfront with sister. sunny family walk time in vancouver. ]]

[[ beer, dinner, and sorry at green dragon. ]]