Thursday, April 19, 2012

tiff's bday pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures from Tiff's birthday last Saturday...
At one point when we were wandering around downtown I even ran in to an old friend from my Ashland days Natalie! Crazy.

Happy Birthday Laaaaady!

[[ buuudies. panda & meguenther. me & tiff. morgan/ricky. photo bomb. sam being weird. pat. hug? laaaadies. walking around downtown. tattie! blurr. ]]
((( you can even kinda see my homemade ombre in these! )))

Tiff also brought her Polaroid camera with her and took pictures of everyone. I stole all of these off Facebook from Tiff. 

[[ tiff, the birthday girl. colleen. ricky. chinns. megan & me. jason & pat. frantastic. sam. ]]