Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the hunger games - movie review

The first weekend of April me, Megan, Pat, Tony and a few more guy friends went to see The Hunger Games (finally). I was definitely excited about it and could not stand to wait anymore.

I am not trying to go in to a bunch of detail, yet again, so I will try to keep this short.

[[ theater sign. ]]

The costume design in the Capitol was really incredible. Think Victorian meets Geisha with some runway thrown in there as well. Not so unlike some Alexander McQueen designs I have seen. I have read some interviews with Elizabeth Banks who definitely expresses it being near impossible to walk or use her hands due to her insane fake nails and shoes. I loved the contrast of Sector 12, which was reminiscent of depression era, with the opulent capital.

In terms of the film itself, I overall thought they did a really good job interpreting the book. There were definitely a few characters cut out, but understandably so. I appreciated the length of the movie in general, and the amount of time spent setting up most of the story before the beginning of the actual games, including the important components of training, and a bit of the tension between competitors. I do wish that they would have made Haymitch more Haymitch. He hardly seemed like a battered old competitor with a drinking problem.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised with the way they did the actual games because all of the important scenes were included and it was still fairly brutal despite its PG13 rating, which is something I was worried they would sugarcoat too much. And I definitely cried during a certain scene in the movie...

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Ok, so I guess that was me failing at "keeping it short". In a sentence: I was pleased with it, and all of the boys liked it too, including Pat much to my surprise.