Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am really busy today, I am turning in my taxes to an accountant tomorrow. Like a grownup. As usual I put this off for a long time so I have been swamped the whole week getting a chart together of my work expenses. Thus, I am keeping this short.

Guess what just happened this week...
(*cue skype party emoticon*).

After we graduated from OSU in 2009 Fran and a few other people moved down to LA, and though a couple of them came back he stayed down there until now. He finally decided to come to back to Oregon to be closer to his friends and family and we are definitely all super excited about it! Though we won't get to have our daily Skype conversations anymore at least I will get to see you more than once a year. Definitely a win.

[[ throwbacks! ]]

I am pumped to see this guy, and everyone else in Portland next weekend for Tiff's birthday!