Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend adventures 53 :: st. patty's weekend

St. Patty's Day according to my iPhone. 
(I will post the photos from my camera tomorrow).

Friday night I went to the last home gymnastics meet to watch the OSU girls dominate the two other teams. By the time me and Pat got home from that Tony and Megan were over so we went over to Murphey's for a bit before ending up back at our place with some of the staff for the rest of the night.

saturday - st. patty's day
We were all super tired from staying up late the night before, so we didn't get going for a while. After me and Megan got ready in our green outfits we decided to make breakfast, green eggs and spam! We also made some green hash browns! It was surprisingly pretty good. And to finish it off some coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream was in order. I think Pat might have even had a breakfast Guinness... He was excited.

[[ green eggs and spam. ]]

After breakfast we dropped the boys off downtown so that they could great Rory at the finish line of his St. Patty's Day race with a beer. Me and Megan had to run some errands and then decided to go to the local antique stores to browse for a little bit. The most interesting find of the day was a VHS tape of "A Mid Summer Nights Dream" in Korean. I only know what it was because I texted my Korean friend Sam and asked as a joke, but to my surprise he answered right away. Not really sure how this is an antique... but, interesting all the same.

[[ antique store explorations. ]]

Once we were satisfied we headed over to a bar on first street called Cloud & Kelly's (which used to be Cloud 9, but very recently converted permanently to an Irish pub). It looked so different it was insane. Pretty sweet though. The place was already packed and there was live music and lots of drink specials. Pat had a couple black and tans and of course, the green beer (Killians). I had a drink called the Lucky Leprechaun, and Megan's was Guy Macgillycuddy. We stayed for a few hours before making our way to Block 15 for dinner and to meet up with everyone else. Slowly Brad/Alia, Nate/Alicia, and Rory trickled in and me and Megan busted out our special St. Patty's Day accessories I picked up from the Dollar Tree. We made little crowns, which took longer than expected, and I had some light up necklaces and silly glasses as well. We were there for a long time before getting a ride home and going next door to Murphey's for last call. (No drinking and driving).  Then it was back to our place, where a few more people showed up for another late night.

[[ cloud & kelly's. block 15. home. ]]

St. Patty's Day won, and I did not have a fun Sunday. I did a lot of sleeping, and me and Megan laid in my bed and watched Midnight In Paris (again) while the boys played video games. Eventually Tone and Megan took off and me and Pat took it easy for the duration of the day. It was worth it, we had a LOT of fun with everyone Saturday!