Wednesday, March 14, 2012

midweek inspiration 37

I had stumbled across Kelli Murray's blog once a long time ago, but came back to it today when I saw one of her illustrations up on Pinterest. She makes fantastically adorable baby shower invitations, as well as many original illustrations and paintings that I love, including the self portrait fashion illustrations she puts up on her blog. Check them out. They are adorable. I want someone to draw me like this... luckily, according to her Etsy shop I can literally purchase that someday if I am so inclined. :)

Some of her works for sale on Etsy:

[[ stay close. fox girl. fancy living. just imagine. hello dear. ]] 

Fashion Illustrations:
[[ 12345. ]]

((( click on links at the top for her blog/shop. click on numbers to see her outfit posts. )))