Wednesday, February 8, 2012

weekend adventures 50

Me and Pat both took Friday off to head over the pass for a long weekend adventure, unfortunately I had to work all morning and a bit in the car/at a Starbucks along the way, but it was super sunny and gorgeous. By the time we got to the house it was dark so we made some drinks and chilled.

[[ friday afternoon drive over to bend. working on freelance in the car nbd. ]]

We drove in to downtown Bend in the afternoon to do some "beer tasting" since there are so many breweries close together. We only made it to three but they were all super generous with their tastings so we were good to go. We also had delicious lunch at Deschutes and for the first time ever I actually liked the French Onion soup. Since it was so pretty outside we walked around the Mirror Pond for a while (freezing) before heading to dinner at Diegos, which had the best guacamole ever!!

[[ self guided brewery tour in downtown bend. ]]

We got up in the morning and went for a hike, I will do another post about that tomorrow since we took a lot of pictures, but I included a few as a preview. The rest of the day was all superbowl. Pretty self explanatory.

[[ previews of our little hike. ]]

[[ superbowl sunday = beer + ribs + bad commercials. ]]

That was pretty much it, I think the pictures do most of the explaining.