Monday, January 9, 2012

weekend adventures 48

In light of the fact that none of my friends were getting their ish together for NYE planning, me and Pat decided to jump over the pass and spend the long weekend in Sunriver instead of Portland. Rory decided to come too and brought Harlow, his white lab. I was really hoping/excited for the prospect of snow and I definitely got it!

12/30 - 1/2

We were supposed to leave much earlier but a friends house was having some major floodage issues, so Pat went over to help them out which took up the majority of the day. Also it was pouring, if that was not implied. By the time we made it on the road it was 3:30 or so, not a deal breaker, but a long drive just the same. Apparently we decided to leave on the night where it was blizzarding/super icy up on the pass the drive was long and nerve wracking.  I am not sure what time we actually made it to Pats Dad's place in Sunriver but it was dark and by then we all needed a drink and some food. After dinner it started snowing again at the house (!!) so we went out on the giant porch, wine in hand, to play with pups and take lots of pictures, then it was bedtime. 

[[ the beginning of our snowy drive. friday night puppy play time. ]]

The morning was slow going but eventually we made it up, got some breakfast, opened a few Christmas presents (I won $10 on my lottery ticket), and then got ready for the day. It was sunny, gorgeous, and snowey outside from the night before, so we got on all of our gear to go for a little hike through the property. Rory did NOT like my Nike snow boots AT ALL. I forget who he kept calling me, but it was definitely some pop "star" I don't listen to. I have to say Rory, my feet were nice and warm, and I think my boots are fly, so there. I took a ton of pictures on our walk, mostly of Harlow who was hilarious hoping around like a bunny and burying her head to look for creatures. 

After some lunch it was most definitely nap time, then lazy time, then dinner time, then party time. 

[[ snowey walk. us. quail prints. boots. lake. ]]

saturday night (new years eve)
We made a champagne run to the local market, got in the snowy hottub with a bottle and started to celebrate the end of 2011. Afterwards I decided to get fancy even if we weren't doing anything much, got all dressed up, and brought up my bag of NYE paraphernalia which I just happened to have already (noise makers, hats, tinsel, the works). After a failed attempt at going out to one of the local bars (which was charging $50 to get in, come on Sunriver, you are nothing fancy), we ended up back at the house counting along with the Times Square countdown, drinking a fancy bottle of champagne, and having a mini dance party. It was pretty fun, but did not feel super festive, so I think next year we are doing it my way again, NYE at The Nines most likely. 

[[ nye polish. ]]

sunday (new years day)
Lets just say that the morning/early afternoon were off to a rough start and I was not exactly feeling top notch. However, I had proclaimed the day before that we were all to go sledding New Years day, so sledding we did. We found a spot up on Mt. Bachelor where other people were sledding, grabbed our gear, and started trekking up the hill, which by the way was pretty gnarly. I wish that my pictures did it justice. From the tip top it was high above everyone else, steep, and you could see the jumps/ramps that had formed as a result of constant sledding. After watching the boys safely make their way down I went for it. Over a jump I went flying past everyone and practically in to the parking lot unscathed. Yes! Lets go again! Pat only made it a few runs on his disk before totally messing up his back and being done for the day. I was doing pretty good and the fresh air was even starting to make me feel better, so after one close call I took a break to watch Rory attempt the hill with Harlow in his lap. This always ended with her bailing and chasing him down the hill instead. Hilarious. I was pretty much done, but Pats Dad was giving me crap so I gave in to go one more time, which was a big mistake. I got to the top of the hill alone, waited for some kids to clear the way, and then went for it, but this time, I did not hit the jump so well. I almost flipped, spun around backwards, and when I got my center back realized there was a kid in my way, I tried to yell at him and turn sideways unknowing that there was another ramp, in front of me. This time I flipped over, mid yell, lost my hat, got lots of snow in my mouth, and smacked the side of my head/ear hard on the ice. Head ringing that was definitely the end of it for me. I never felt right for the rest of the day and my neck definitely took the majority of that beating. Next time we will go for the little hill with nice powder. Lesson learned?

[[ snow park. pattyface. ]]

We got up early, showered, packed up, ate, and headed out the door for a brief stop in Bend before heading over to Pats moms place to watch the Rose Bowl (Oregon/Wisconsin). Oregon won, meh, whatever, I think they deserved it. It was a really really good game and super close the whole time. We tried to put off leaving for as long as possible, but eventually piled in to the car and took off for Corvallis. I just zoned out this time and cuddled with the puppy, though there were some points where the fog was so thick you literally could not see anything in front of your or even the road. Sketchy. I am glad we made it home ok and as always was super excited to crawl in to my own bed. 

[[ old mill. sunny day. harlow play. the boys. ]]

((( more pictures from the weekend will get their own post(s) tomorrow )))