Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year, new resolutions

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012. 

[[ check out this awesome super old picture i found of me and my grandparents on nye. ]]

Last year I posted some New Years Resolutions, and I have to say I did not even come close on a lot of these. Although I was able to accomplish some (1/4/7/8/10), I outright failed a few (2/5), and a couple are still works in progress (3/6/9). With that in mind some of my new resolutions will be overlaps from last year.

new years resolutions // 2012

1. Save $$$ money! 
Open a savings account and start putting it away for future vacations, and for a wedding someday.

2. Go on trips together
Last summer we went to NYC, I would like to be able to go on more real trips like this with Pat to various states, or maybe even to some new countries. This goes along with saving money.

3. Wake up earlier !!!!!
This is one I did not succeed with last time at all, I seriously need ten more minutes in the morning and I will be good to go. Hopefully I can get it together this time.

4. Finish the Wicked series
I know it doesn't sound like much but I have been putting off finishing the book me and Johni were on for over a year now. Since the author just came out with a final novel, I figure I should probably wrap the series up once and for all.

5. Try a spinning class, or two, or three, or fifty 

6. Start printing out all of my pictures
Make my NYC album, and one with pictures from college.

7. Work on website/Flickr account

8. Take a trip down to the desert

9. Etsy shop by Christmas

10. Paint a Johni Tree