Tuesday, January 17, 2012

more snow imagery (from my phone)

Well I cannot say it is quite as lovely out today with lots of slushy rain instead of pretty snow, but like I mentioned I have a lot more pictures from yesterday and over the weekend from some little outings in the snow. Walking down to the football field was especially interesting, tons of unspoiled snow on such a giant flat surface was a bit overwhelming visually. Also, check out the sweet frozen spiderweb I saw (near the bottom).

sunday at nate & alicias giant property

[[ frost covered trees. giant christmas tree. holy tree. front yard. ]]

driving around town

[[ frosty windows. blustery drive. footprints. gorgeous! ]]

frost covered reeser stadium

[[ a completely white and silent reeser stadium. ]]

monday morning on the way in to work

[[ frozen spiderweb. views from my office taunting me. ]]