Wednesday, December 14, 2011

midweek inspiration 30

Happy Wednesday... this week is going by quick. I really love my hair, but I have been bored with it for a long time. Though I do not want to cut it short or dye it all, I have thought about doing a bit of an ombre for a while now. Nothing so intense as Drew Barrymore's messy renditions, but just a little bit at the bottom. Either way I really need a haircut, so I guess you will have to wait and see what I decide when I get one on Friday. :) I am a little nervous though! I have only highlighted my hair once or twice in high school and that was a long time ago. I guess you could say I am a bit of a baby when it comes to commitment even when it is just my hair.

Here are some pretty examples I have been envying. 

1. image from Story of Style 
2. image from
3. image from NHY-PHEN
4. image from
5. image from Fashion Toast
6. Rachel Bilson image from Pinterest (original source unknown)
7. image from
8. image from Zoella
9. image from Pinterest (original source unknown)
10. image from Pinterest (original source unknown)