Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend adventures 40

This weekend was really fun and we got to see a lot of people!!

My dad was coming over for a BBQ in the afternoon, so we got up in the morning and finished cleaning up the house. (house pictures in a later post...) Pat made really really yummy burgers, our version of Habana corn, and my dad and stepmom brought over a bunch of fresh fruit and some salad. It was really nice to show them the new place, and I was happy that all my little sisters were with them as well. It was super hot outside though, so we had to eat indoors and the littlest one was not impressed because she wanted to play with our sprinkler. After they took off, me and Pat went over to our old place to grab a few more things like our two house plants and kiddie pools. By the time we got home it was in the hundreds, so we filled up the pools and posted up in the yard with some drinks. It was pretty much perfect.
[[ dest cooling off with the fan. meagan/jenna. habana corn. ]]

saturday night
Our friend Misty and her friend Emily from Montana were in Oregon for a long weekend and we had made plans to hang out with them for the night. I was super excited when they finally got here!! We had seen Misty and her baby boy Daniel very briefly the day we were moving in to the new house back in June because she was here for her cousins college graduation, but we had not actually hung out with her for over a year. She is one of those people who you meet once and know you are going to be friends for a long time even if you do not get to see each other that much. I wish both those girls lived here!!! Move to Oregon already! Misty's son was in Tualitan for the night with her older sister, so we ate, drank, and were very silly all evening.

In the morning we all got up and grabbed breakfast at Tommy's before the girls had to head back up towards Portland. Me and Pat had planned on going to the lake for the day, but were both way too exhausted, so we posted up in the living room and watched movies instead. For dinner Pats mom and little brother drove down, we made some salmon and rock fish, and then watched another movie to finish off the weekend. Super relaxed Sunday.

[[ posing with the girls. being silly. saying goodbye. ]]