Wednesday, September 14, 2011

midweek inspiration 20

This week I am going to throw up a few of my favorite clothing DIYs found and posted on my Pinterest. Pretty much I am obsessed with lace shorts, and putting new use to old things, like Tshirts! I am super excited to give these a try.

1. First is a tshirt tutorial form I Just Might Explode. By cutting the sleeves of a baggy shirt you can be comfy and still look awesome. I love this and plan on doing it asap!!

2. Another DIY using up an old tshirt is a "necklace thingy" posted on Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. This is super awesome looking, especially in the color of her old shirt.

3. The "safety pin slip tank" from P.S. I Made This is super simple, but looks really sweet finished up with a ton of gold safety pins. I could see making a necklace this way as well on a chunk of fabric. Pretty sure I have some perfectly boring old black tanks laying around that would be perfect for this.

4. Here is a DIY from Hippie Lace for adding lace details to your old shorts. This one is super simple and I have the perfect pair of boring shorts to experiment with.

5. Like I mentioned above, I am obsessed with lace shorts right now and really really really want the ones I want to come back in stock on Modcloth... but in the meantime, the possibility of this DIY might tie me over for a little while. Swellmayde put together instructions to make your own tiered lace shorts that I will definitely be trying if all else fails.