Friday, August 19, 2011

weekend adventures 38

We spent this weekend primarily in Portland visiting Me(a)gens for their birthdays and seeing my family for the first time since our engagement.

8/5 - 8/7

The previous weekend was my best friend Megan Guenther's 25th birthday, but she was in her friends wedding the same day and I know was a little bit bummed about not celebrating it. Me and Pat were going wine tasting at a Terra Vina event at their estate in Woodburn area, so we decided to bring Megan as our plus one for part of a little birthday kidnapping/surprise. The only things I told her during the week were that she needed to be ready to go at noon, to dress for the entire day, and bring an overnight bag.

We left in the morning, scooped Megan up, and headed out to the "Wine and Swine" event. It was a little bit cooler in the morning, but by the time we got there it was sunny and warm and gorgeous outside. We drank some wine, ate some delicious lunch, and sat out in the sun for a few hours before heading off to our next destination.

[[ terra vina swine & wine phone pics. ]]

[[ photos from my camera. ]]

After Terra Vina we headed downtown to grab a drink at Deschutes Brewery before heading over to Irving Street Kitchen for dinner. I have been wanting to take Pat to Irving Street since I first ate there last year around Christmas time with my family. Tiffany met up with us there as well. She had the halibut, which looked amazing. Me, Pat, and Megan shared the biscuits and ham with spicy jelly, meatballs with mashed potatoes, and the fried chicken with greens. Yum, yum, yum. Not a cheap dinner, but certainly delicious. I am not sure if Pat loved it quite as much as I thought he would though, which was sort of a bummer, but I was satisfied as always and Megan seemed happy, which was the main objective anyway.

We finished off the evening with a few more drinks, presents, board games, and a little sleepover.

[[ drinks & dinner. ]]

In the afternoon we headed over to my dads house for a little BBQ they were throwing for my little sisters 17th birthday. I still cannot even believe that one of my littles is going to be in college next year, and the other one is going to be a senior in high school! It was good to be silly, and hang out in the backyard that my parents are constantly working on, and see family. I love it over there.

[[ garden. we could not find any birthday candles, so we improvised. birthday cake. little sisters. sun. landon's silly faces. ]]