Wednesday, August 24, 2011

omg i'm 25?!

Hmm, where to begin...

Last night when I got home from work I was feeling a bit depressed about my impending birthday. It is a weird feeling to be getting older and no longer appreciating it, when for your entire life it is the one thing you desire. Me and Pat have been so super busy this summer that we did not get around to planning a big joint party like last year and I was feeling a bit bummed out about it. It seems like Quarter Century is such a big one and it was almost like it was not even being acknowledged. That is part of the problem with having a midweek birthday as well, though I do have somethings planned with friends for the weekend.


Then I began to consider it from another angle. I am 25 today, and in my 25 years of life, I have accomplished so much to be proud of, and have so many great things in my future to be excited about. Not only that, but there is really nothing more I could want right now. Sure, a raise would always be nice, or a trip to Europe... but I have all I could possibly need and 24 was a pretty good year for me. I think I will save the specifics for a little 24th year recap, but the gists are: An amazing boyfriend/bestfriend/fiance. A wonderful family. Great true friends who I love very very much. A real job. A side career. a home of my/(our) very own. A sense of self.

And in terms of being a year older and not too excited about it... thank goodness all of my friends (but three) are older than me, I am not the oldest child in my family, Pat has a year up, and everyone at work has several... phew, back in perspective.

I do not have many childhood pictures at the moment because they are lost in the mountainous landscape that is my parents garage, but I did manage to wrestle some up for my little post. 

((( by the way. above is my picture from my profile. the little bunny stuffed animal is one i have had (and still have) since i was a baby. i took it everywhere, even loosing one and having a replacement purchased and concealed to look like the old one by a crafty grandmother (i saw through that by the way). it is appropriately named bunny-bunny )))

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((( stay tuned for my 30 before 30 list i hope to start crossing off soon. i will be posting this sometime within the next few weeks after i finalize it )))