Monday, July 25, 2011

new york new york :: part 5-4
the met (european paintings)

By far my favorite sections of the met were the European arts because everything was so vast and ornate, and the paintings were no exception! You cannot even begin to imagine how many giant rooms and little hallways they have there filled with giant paintings from yesteryear. Portraits galore. Me and Pat ran through there really quickly because it was at this point that I could not stand standing anymore due to a poor shoe decision for the day, but since many of the rooms had benches, I would sit and just stare at everything. The detailing is amazing! It is hard to determine from my pictures just how large certain items are, but some of these were far beyond life size. When we go back someday, I want to spend a lot more time in this section, and then of course visit all of those we did not have time for.

(I really tried to preserve the actual coloring on all of these, but it was a little hard on some of them)

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at the met, nyc. ]]

Thus concludes our trip to The Met! (I told you we took a lot of pictures). I have to say I am a bit glad to be done with these posts, they took forever! Though, MoMA might be just as bad, I should be able to fit it all in to one. We shall see when I get there. Enjoy New York Week 3, it should be my last.